Build an authentic, sustainable online presence

This course is taught by people who walk the walk – freelancers who’ve been able to achieve online success while staying authentic, showcasing their personality and defying set notions of professionalism. We want to help you create and maintain an online presence that’s true to you and your goals.

We believe your mental health is vital, so we’ve created a course you can go through at your own pace, with on-demand support from instructors. Avoid burnout by developing a realistic and sustainable plan for your digital home.

  • Website content

    What to include on your website, how to write your website copy, the legal must-haves and whether to create a blog

  • SEO

    How to help potential clients find your website, from researching keywords to optimising your content.

  • Social media

    Which platforms to use, how to create the perfect post and tips to grow your audience


An inspiring course which is definitely also suitable for established freelancers

by Sabine Sapp

An inspiring course which is definitely also suitable for established freelancers This comprehensive course has provided me with lots of inspiration for improving my online presence. Also, the journal prompts will help me get a clearer picture of what to change in my business. I particularly liked a) Katie’s excellent advice on how to make one’s web copy more interesting, b) Teresa’s helpful and handy tips on finding the right/perfect keywords, keyword placement, and checking one’s website’s health, c) Kelsey’s inspiring recommendations on finding one’s authentic brand voice, d) (from the viewpoint of a freelancer who already has a privacy policy) Nicole’s important information on what is also relevant to include in one’s privacy policy as well as her invaluable advice on terms of use, and e) the bonus lesson about setting boundaries. Thank you Teresa, Katie, Kelsey, and Nicole for sharing your valuable expertise! Kudos to all four of you!

Great for freelance newbies and established freelancers looking to refresh and level up their business.

by Belinda Grace Fischer

It helps you dig deep by inviting you to challenge your ‘why’ and look at your business from a different perspective. I love that the course includes lots of links for more information, tooltips and freebies (e.g., journal prompts, SEO workbook). All these extras get you more involved in making changes to your business. It’s this type of added value that makes this course stand out from so many others. Each of the ladies guiding you through the course adds their unique magic: Katie shares great tips for better website copy and even how to lay out your website, so you can create one that feels right for you. Teresa’s SEO module takes the scare out of search engine optimisation, making it accessible even to non-SEO pros so that you can get started one simple step at a time. Kelsey's social media tips are great for beginners or anyone wanting to shift their brand. I found her tips on brand voice and recycling content particularly useful. Nicole’s legal advice is a no-brainer, as it will help your business stay out of trouble with the law. Her easy-to-use legal templates are the perfect place to start. Plus, they’re written in plain English. I recommend this course to all freelancers looking to get the most out of their online content step by step without the overwhelm.

You'll learn

  • What to write on your website

  • How to help clients find you online

  • How to use social media as a marketing tool

  • How to showcase your personality and professionalism

  • How to maintain a sustainable online presence

Meet Teresa

Course creator/Instructor

This course will answer

  • Is a one-page website enough?

  • Which language should my website be written in?

  • What should I include in terms of copy?

  • Is blogging still a thing?

  • Will clients even find me through my website?

  • Do I need a website or can I just use social media?

  • How can I avoid legal issues? Does GDPR apply to me? What should my website include so that I don't get in trouble?

  • How can I be both authentic and professional online?

Meet your instructors


Katie Uniacke

Hi, I’m Katie, Portuguese and Spanish to English translator, subtitler and the Translator’s Copywriter, and I’m here to talk all things DIY website copy.

These days, the only copywriting work I do is creating or editing translators’ website copy and LinkedIn profiles, but I always encourage a very collaborative approach, as they generally have great ideas for their copy, just aren’t quite sure how to put them into words.

So it’s brilliant to have this opportunity to help freelancers of all shapes and sizes write website copy they’re proud to share with the world.


Nicole Fenwick

Hello everyone! 👋 Thanks for being here.

I’m Nicole, an entrepreneurial French to English legal translator and lawyer-linguist. I’m here to teach you all about legal must-haves for your website.

I enjoy making freelancers’ lives easier by helping them with the legal side of their business. This means you can focus on doing what you love, safe in the knowledge that you have the legal protection you need and are looking after your online users’ interests too.

We all love a responsible business owner!


Kelsey Frick

Hi folks! I’m Kelsey, a freelance translation account manager, French to English subtitler, and social media consultant.

I’ll be taking care of the off-page module of this course.

After going unexpectedly freelance in 2021, I knew I needed to get my marketing in check, so I started experimenting on LinkedIn and started posting TikTok-style content as well as helpful advice for people just starting out in the translation industry.

Now I regularly speak on topics surrounding freelancing, translation, mental health, marketing, and personal branding.

Course curriculum

Frequently asked questions

  • I don’t have a website yet. Is this course for me?

    Yes, this course is useful whether you already have a website or not. If you’re just thinking about it, the course will provide you with a strategic approach so that you save time and money when creating one. If you already have a website, the course will help identify room for improvement, so you can learn how to optimise it and amplify your reach with social media.

  • I don’t use social media. Will I still benefit from this course?

    Yes. Combining your website with a social media strategy can be a good approach but it’s not the only option. You can also use the knowledge in this course to build a website that works for you, helping you to qualify leads, set boundaries with new and existing clients and redefine your brand and offer.

  • I already have a website and social media strategy. Will I still learn something?

    Definitely. Online content is never set in stone and digital marketing and SEO are continuously evolving. So there’s always room for improvement.

  • I want to have someone else write the content for my website. Will this course still be useful?

    Absolutely. Writing about ourselves can be hard sometimes, so hiring someone to help is a smart choice. This course will give you some tips on how to get a clear idea of what you need to ask for, how to define your goals and create a strategy that’s right for you.

  • How does this course differ from other courses or resources on the topic?

    All the course instructors are freelancers who have reached some kind of success in their fields while remaining authentic, showcasing their personality, defying set notions of professionalism and maintaining a focus on mental health. With this course we intend to share our unique perspectives and explain what has worked for us, instead of repeating what everyone else says about these topics. We also want to help students go through the course at a sustainable pace, instead of feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of creating a website and getting on social media. And finally, we wanted to add a human touch, with some live support options and many benefits that will help you to keep working on this even after you’ve completed the course.

  • Is there a time limit to complete the course? And how long will it take to complete it?

    Once you subscribe you’ll have unlimited access to the course content and can back come to it as often as you need. You’ll also be notified whenever there’s a course update. The course includes five main chapters plus an introductory chapter and some final thoughts. Each chapter is made up of three to six lessons with bite-sized videos and written content or presentations. We’ve tried to make the content as clear and fluff-free as possible, however it’s really up to you how long you spend on each lesson. Once you finish the course content, there are also a couple of free bonus sessions you can choose to schedule with the instructors.

  • Do I need to know anything about websites or social media to complete this course?

    This course is designed for freelancers who already have or are thinking about creating a website. Students should have some knowledge about the basics of social media and ideally be using at least one platform. We will focus on both the on-page and off-page aspects of online content.

  • How practical is this course?

    The course has content in different formats and was designed to strike a nice balance between thinking, strategising and taking action. Once you finish you should have a nice roadmap and a clear idea of your next steps. Have a look at the About this course lesson (available in the free preview) to find out what's covered and what isn’t.

  • Is this course just for translators?

    No. While all the instructors are in some way connected to translation and copywriting, we designed this course to benefit other freelancers in related areas of work, such as photography, social media management and video editing.

Payment options

The course fee covers unlimited access to the course on the Thinkific platform, as well as on-demand support and bonus material.

Any applicable taxes are also included. You will receive a receipt from Thinkific upon payment.

Bonus material

  • Templates and cheat sheets

    Hit the ground running with writing prompts, SEO optimisation worksheet and discounted legal templates.

  • Discounts on additional services

    Benefit from discounts on related services to help you optimise your website and online presence.

  • Free audits and reviews

    Make the most of your instructors’ knowledge, with free mentoring, reviews and audits available.

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